HVA believes that it is beneficial for all of us to work together in ways that will help maintain a strong sense of community and inspire more volunteers to come forward to assist hospices in new ways at this challenging time.  With that in mind -- here's the latest news:

HVA to launch new Automated Volunteer Referral Program -- HVA Member hospices will receive free volunteer referrals with new, easy to use, Google Map hospice search feature!!  Details below...

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Our latest service offering is the Patient Data Vault (PDV) service. This service fills a long-standing need to allow hospice volunteers to electronically submit patient visit notes to their volunteer coordinator via the Internet while maintaining HIPAA compliance.
  • This state-of-the-art volunteer management tool simplifies the life of the volunteer coordinator.
  • The PDV service eliminates the paper, saves you and your volunteers time and reduces volunteer program operating costs.
  • The innovative use of technology allows volunteer managers to easily coordinate what would otherwise be tedious and inefficient communication tasks.
  • The net result is that your volunteer program is improved and your volunteers are happier because the time you save allows you to concentrate on providing better care to patients and pay more attention to the needs of your volunteers.
The PDV software will soon include an integrated volunteer management system that will, for example, track TB Tests, auto insurance, etc. and automatically notifiy your volunteers that they are due. All for only $1.95/month per volunteer (and monthly charges only apply for a volunteer if they actually use the PDV during that month).

read what PDV users are saying...

Here is what Volunteer Coordinators are saying
about the Patient Data Vault:

“ What we have discovered after using the Patient Data Vault is that it offers much more than a simple convenience for the increasingly tech-savvy volunteer. I would highly recommend the PDV service to anyone exploring this option. ”
Kelly Keller, AseraCare Hospice

COST! All the way around, this is not only a money-saver, but very economical even with the monthly cost. The monthly charges are per volunteer – ONLY for those who submit volunteer notes. It doesn’t matter if a volunteer submits one note, or 20 notes, the cost is the same. And if one of the registered users does NOT submit a note during a particular month, then there is NO charge for that volunteer during that month!

Cost savings with mailing out volunteer notes and self-addressed, stamped envelope: the cost to mail a packet of six notes and six envelopes is $1.34; plus the cost of the postage on the six envelopes: $2.52. Total cost to mail out notes and envelopes just to ONE volunteer is: $3.86. If I was to mail out this packet just to ONE volunteer, every six weeks, this makes the annual cost over $33.00 PER volunteer annually. At most, having 25 direct care volunteers, based on this cost, the mailing costs ALONE would be: $825.00.
The PDV cost if every one of the 25 volunteers utilized it every month: $585.00 !! ”

Kris Scanlon, AseraCare Hospice

I had been waiting for something like the PDV for years!!
Katresha Taylor, AseraCare Hospice

HVA to launch new Automated Volunteer Referral Program!!

HVA will soon launch its new Automated Volunteer Referral Program (AVRP) -- another new service for HVA Member hospices.  Our goal with this new program is to help hospices recruit more volunteers.

HVA frequently receives inquiries from individuals around the country desiring to serve their community as hospice volunteers.  HVA has created the AVRP to allow potential volunteers to search for and view HVA member hospices that are within a certain radius of their home.  The service shows a Google Map of all the HVA member hospice locations and then allows the potential volunteer to automatically send an e-mail to the volunteer coordinators at these hospices with just the click of a button!!

When the volunteer coordinator receives the e-mail, it will provide them with the volunteer's name and contact information, as well as the their specific interests in becoming a volunteer.

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Visit our National Hospice Document Repository (NHDR). This repository provides access for anyone in the world to:
  • The largest free open-access database of hospice and end-of-life articles in the world with a built-in Google search. This is a rich resource for anyone who is embarking on the care of a seriously ill loved one and needs information on how to begin.
  • Volunteer Managers – find documents, policies and procedures, training tools and exercises all which were contributed by other volunteer managers from across the country so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

The Hospice Volunteer News e-magazine is the most popular magazine for hospice volunteers and hospice volunteer managers in the world. Our membership loves this magazine! Here are a some of its regular features, many written by experts in their field:
  • Volunteer Interviews
  • Volunteer Coordinator Perspectives
  • A Family’s Experience with Hospice
  • Ask the Medical Director
  • Volunteer Management Tips
  • Insights - The “How To” of Hospice Volunteering
  • Bereavement Thoughts
  • Extraordinary Gifts
  • Feature articles written by volunteers, volunteer managers and clinical staff
  • Hospice in the News
  • HVA Calendar: hospice-related events
  • Reviews of books, videos and music
Volunteer Referral Service: HVA receives frequent requests from individuals around the country for information on how they can become hospice volunteers in their own communities. HVA member hospices receive priority when referring individuals who wish to volunteer in hospice. The HVA website provides guidance to potential volunteers such as:
  • How To Become a Volunteer
  • What Does a Hospice Volunteer Do?
  • How Many Hours per Week?
  • Why Does Hospice Use Volunteers?
  • Do I Need Special Training?

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